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How Your Personal Philosophy Determines Your Success

According to the Greatest Life Coach Jim Rohn, there are 5 Fundamental Principles of Success.

“Even those with the sincerest intentions can find themselves distracted from their dreams, goals and aspirations. Sincerity is not a test of truth, because you can be sincere about wanting to change but it may not be the truth. ‘So, sincerity is only a test of sincerity’ and nothing else” – Jim Rohn

Each one of us is created unique and no two people are the same. But the principles that lead to success are the same for all people. These principles play a massive role in how our lives turn out. Jim Rohn Identifies 5 Fundamental Principles of Success. Today I am going to be focusing on the one that determines all the others.

So which one is this:


Yes – this is where it all starts.

Philosophy is the major determining factor of how your life works out. Your brains use a number of sources including parents, experiences, school etc to form your philosophy.

The information, the thoughts and ideas that go on inside your head form your very own personal philosophy and this philosophy is what influences your behaviour and habits.

Personal Change and Success Starts With Philosophy

In summary – Philosophy is what we know and do.

Example – One person may wake at 5 am to take advantage of an opportunity so as to provide for his family. Another individual will choose to stay in bed till mid-day and then make excuses of why they cannot take care of their needs and responsibilities.

Everybody has experienced the wind of circumstances blowing around us – disappointments, heart breaks, challenging situations and despair, but why is it that some people go through these things and emerge victorious while others don’t?

“It is not what happens or the circumstances that determine the quality of our lives, but what we CHOOSE to do when we have done our best only to discover that after all our hard work, the winds have changed direction”.

How we think and respond to the challenges we face have more power over the course of our lives than the problems we face.

If we are ‘broke’, we blame the government, taxes and everyone else apart from ourselves so that we can play the victim. Instead of being the victim, it is wiser to ‘reset the sail’ and accommodate the changing wind rather than let the wind carry us to the direction we do not desire.

‘A Person with a Good Philosophy Will Change as the winds of circumstances change. He/she will stand up and adjust their sail so that it continues to take them towards the destination they choose’.

Do not curse what you have, says Jim Rohn. You are given what you are given and you need to make the most of it. This is described perfectly in the principle of sowing:

We are given the soil, sunshine, rain, time/seasons and the miracle of life. We can either curse and whine about what type of soil and the seasons or we can take a seed and plant it and watch it transform and grow

In conclusion:

Blaming your circumstances will not solve your problems, instead it will only shift the blame. Therefore, the problem starts with YOU and YOUR PHILOSOPHY.

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