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Want to Work Your Own Hours – Can a Home Based Net Work Marketing Business be an OPTION

Want to Work Your Own Hours – Can a Home Based Network Marketing Business be an OPTION?

More than 55,000 people in the United Stated and over 150,000 people worldwide sign up as network marketers a week. That means over 13 million people are distributors for network marketing companies from the United States alone. There are over 5 million network marketing distributors throughout the world with sales of over $30billion (£20 billion) in the USA and over $90 billion (£60 billion) worldwide. About 80% of Network marketers are part time and 20% full time – with those going part – time as a second job only from home.

So you may be wondering why would there be so many people in a business that is so popularly known as a SCAM.

Network Marketing, commonly known as Multi-Level-Marketing(MLM) is a Home Based Business whereby you make money working right from your home. You do not have the pressure of going out to look for an office and the challenges that come with running an office. People simply from their homes, invest in MLM opportunities and get products and services to market in return. Isn’t that what any other business does? Marketing a Good or Service? What makes an MLM opportunity even better is the fact that you can even make commissions by referring other investors to the MLM Company.

Why this marketing strategy? because, it’s a win-win situation – you use the MLM company as a vehicle to run your own business and the company also builds its network and stabilizes its performance through you.Some of the biggest millionaires in the world have generated their wealth from MLM.

The Facts about Home Based MLM Businesses

There are a considerable number of things that you must take into consideration when beginning your own Network Marketing business – it’s a business and that suggests work.

If anyone tells you that beginning a business is straightforward, he has either never had a business himself or he can’t remember the tedious hours he put in to start and make his business successful.

It is very easy for folks who’ve been running their own MLM business for years to forget precisely how much work is involved, and before you sign up for anything, you ought to be aware of numerous facts.

  • Bear in mind that there are less than thirty MLM corporations that have been around for more than ten years.
  • There isn’t anything wrong with the business model, just that all those firms that failed simply didn’t set things up right.
  • There are 2 most important reasons why those other MLM businesses failed. Number one is typically the product, it was either inferior or too expensive, and second the compensation plan was presumably inferior too.

Do Your Home Work When You’re Signing up for a MLM Home Based Business

Before you start any MLM home based business you need to do some research on the company and its compensation plan. Ask questions if you have to. Find out the system that they use.

Take a look at the product. Is it something that is top quality and not something that may be purchased less expensive from a neighbourhood store. Will people still want the product in 10 years’ time? If they do not, then the product and your business will both vanish. Would you purchase the product if there was no compensation plan?

The bottom line here is, do your required groundwork and find out what others are saying about the company. You must bear in mind that for every venture there are people who would come out all negative – You may encounter many sad distributors who possibly spend more time bitching than doing something to grow their business, they’re simply not willing to put in the work to make their business a success. The turnover is extremely high in the MLM business typically because people expect too much from doing a bit too little.

The Base Line

Building a rewarding home based MLM business needs time, ability and a BIG commitment.

Someone who is beginning a business should think of developing a plan, which should contain strategies for sales and promoting of both the product and the opportunity. The two ways of making money from an MLM business are to push the company’s products and services, and then teach others to do the same.

Lead Generation (Marketing) is going to be the Primary most time-consuming part of your MLM business.
You would need to plan the following

  • How much time you would put into your MLM Business,
  • How much money you are willing to invest in your business
  • How much time and money you are willing to invest in yourself
  • How much time you are willing to invest in your team coaching and guidance

Bearing all these in mind when you are signing up for your MLM Business is important.  This initial enquiry and fact finding phase, will be the biggest difference between owning a successful MLM home business, or one of many that fail within a few months.

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