Why Success Always Starts With Failure

By Sarah Rapp

Few of our own failures are fatal,” – Lessons From Tim Harford’s new book, Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure

“Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right first time.”

This is a great lesson to learn especially for beginners of anything. So if you are looking at getting into the home business industry or you are already a home business owner, it is important to have this lesson straight from the beginning because that is part of the process of developing an entrepreneur’s mindset.

Lessons from the book Adapt

1)  The Wrong Way To React To Failure

When it comes to failing, our egos are our own worst enemies. As soon as things start going wrong, our defence mechanisms kick in, tempting us to do what we can to save face. Yet, these very normal reactions — denial, chasing your losses, etc— interrupts the learning curve and our ability to adapt.

2)  Denial.

“It seems to be the hardest thing in the world to admit we’ve made a mistake and try to put it right”

This seems to apply even when nobody is watching and we have to admit it to our own selves.

3)  Chasing your losses.

We’re so anxious not to “draw a line under a decision we regret” that we end up causing still more damage while trying to erase it. For example, poker players who’ve just lost some money are primed to make riskier bets than they’d normally take, in a hasty attempt to win the lost money back and “erase” the mistake, rather than sit back and think about it and learn from it.

The Recipe for Success

The main lesson from the book Adapt is that in order to success, we must adapt and experiment by using effective trial and error. In the home business industry, it is call ‘split testing’, simply testing different things, keeping the ones that work best and eliminating the ones that don’t work. Every top earner in the home business industry has a story on their journey to success. We all just need to learn from their stories and adapt it in our own circumstances.

Judith Moor

3 Ways Of Failing Productively

  • Try New Things

Personal Development is a core requirement in the home business industry. When you educate yourself, you learn new things that you can apply everything day and test them.

  • Recognize when you haven’t succeeded

People just tend to repeat the same thing over and over again, probably because there is no testing. Try two approaches and test them to identify the failing one and winning one.

This could be hard some times because we have been trained that persistence pays off. But this is often interpreted the wrong way especially in the home business industry. We are often told, Never Quit. So even though you are doing the same thing over and over again, you just keep doing it and hoping that a miracle will happen. No. You have to continuously learn new skills, improve on old ones and continuous test things. This is the way every successful entrepreneur works.

  • Gather feedback

“Above all, feedback is essential for determining which experiments have succeeded and which have failed. Get advice, not just from one person, but from several example, comments if you’re a blogger. 

  • Remove emotions from the equation

Never compare yourself with anybody. You should only compare yourself with you. Are you the same person you were yesterday and today? That is the ONLY comparison you should make.

  • Don’t get too attached to your plan

We should always plan, yes, but if our plan is not working, take a step back and check the plan. Always bear in mind that even a well design plan can fail. IF Plan A didn’t work, the alphabet goes right on to Z. Keep adjusting the plan until you find one that works.

Being able to recognize a failure just means that you’ll be able to re-cast it into something more likely to succeed.

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