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The Keys To Creating What You Want in Your Life

Harv Eker, Looks at The New Year in a Different Perspective. I love the Way he has Looked at the New Year this Time. Rather than the old ‘Setting of New Year Resolutions’ perspective where we all Make Resolutions for the New Year and Yet forget about them before it’s even February, he discards the whole Resolution thing and Looks at things in a Different Way. This time, there are No Goals and  No Plans. No mention of Commitments and Changing Habits.

He calls Them New Year Lesson. What are they All About?

Here are Harv’s New Year Lessons. I absolutely Love them and thought I would share them with You all. The Focus Here is CREATION.

So it’s Question Time – What is POSSIBLE?

  • What Can I make Happen In My Love Life , My Relationship, My Marriage?
  • What Can I make Happen in My Body?
  • What Can I make Happen in My Energy?
  • What Can I make Happen in My Business?

Harv Explains that There are 3 Keys to Creating What You Want From the Ever Constant Flow of Universal Change:

1. The Expression Of GRATITUDE

Judith MoorWe Should Learn To identify the Many Gifts in Our Lives and Cultivate the Emotion of Gratitude. Be Grateful for what we have no matter how trivial they seem.Gratitude comes with compassion and no matter what you believe in, every religion or tradition  lays emphasis on Compassion for others, and compassion for others is not possible if you don;t have compassion for yourself.

When we are Grateful, we Receive More


2. Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

Judith MoorWe often think that this should be straight forward but it is absolutely not. We often react to life’s challenges with Fear. This Fear becomes a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy creating the Very Thing That We Didn’t Want. What We Focus on Expands. Shift the Fear of What You Don’t Want and Turn The Focus to What You Do Want To Happen.


3. Observing Your Believe System

Judith MoorThe Feeling of Certainty of What Something Means is a Belief. We make this Up as We go along. if You belief that because you are at an All Time Financial Low, it Means You can No Longer pursue Your Dream, Then BOOM, Your Dream is Gone. But if You belief that there is a Bigger Purpose Behind Your Present Predicament, for you to become More of what you are supposed to be, you will be as Long as You Commit to That Belief.

We should recognise that change is happening all the time, whether we want it or not. We are Change.

Trust Yourself, Love Yourself, be Grateful and Accept Every Present moment. Belief that Things Will Work For You despite Life’s Inevitable Challenges.

I wish You A Very Happy New Year. May it Come with Unconditional Happiness.

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