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Vision or Goals – Which Creates Home Business Success?

From reading books, articles, magazines and talking to coaches including my own coach, I have learned that 95% of those who start businesses in the home business niche quit within the first year.

Why is that so?

When talking to people in the home business niche, the first question that often pops up is ‘Why Did You Start This Business?

The response to that questions is often a list of needs:

  • I need an extra income
  • I have debts that need to be paid off
  • My family could do with the extra income
  • I want to quit my job and work from home
  • I want to retire my spouse
  • I want to spend more time with the kids
  • I want to have more time for myself and my family
  • I want to travel the world
  • and the list goes on………..

Yes, these are all wants and needs that inspire us at the spur of the moment to take some action.

The Question is – IS IT ENOUGH? Are Our Needs and Wants Sufficient Motivation To Keep Us Going When The Times Get Tough?

Entrepreneurship is a Journey. The early days when just getting started are tough, no wonder, 95% of people who start quit within the first year.

So What Makes The Difference?



Home Business Success

When you don’t create a vision for yourself and rather, just have a list of reasons to work towards home business success, the following happen:

  • You justify why your circumstances are not the best
  • You look for excuses and acceptance but find none, because all you receive is negative feedback – all because you did not create a vision
  • You get discouraged and demotivated very quickly
  • You start thinking that your lack of this and that is the reason for your failure and you look for things outside of yourself.
  • You blame everything and everybody else than yourself for your lack of success
  • You listen to the people around you who tell you, you cannot do it and show you statistics of failure, thereby killing your motivation

How do I know all this, because Yes, that was me. I had no Vision at all. I only had reasons and needs I was looking to fulfil –  and boy, that stuff discourages and demotivates you when you in tough days which are often the first few years.

So does the above sound familiar to you?

IF you take the time to create a vision, then you will realise that in the long term, everyone of those reasons you put down may be ticked off.

Creating a Vision

18 months ago I started my home business, and like everybody else, I had a reason for starting my business not a vision. I went on maternity leave and our family income dropped so badly we struggled alot. I wanted the extra income and I wanted something for retirement. I saw some success in the first few months and after 6 months I hit rock bottom and was completely stuck. Ofcourse, I gave all the excuses why I was not succeeding and consoled my self. But deep within I was not happy because I could see the same problems that had pushed me to starting my home business in the first place repeating itself over and over again. But boy, what was I to do? I always thought that somebody or something outside of me or some circumstance outside of me will help me achieve, Was I wrong – Absolutely.

So I reached out to the experts and that was it. Creating A Vision is what will drive me and nothing else.

Creating a vision for home business success

People Say It Won’t Work

Yes, people are always talking right. People will always talk, people will always give their opinions backed by Zero facts and experiences. If you have Created A  VISION, none of that talk will matter to you:

  • Not the bad review you see online about your business type or opportunity
  • Not what your friends say
  • Not what your family says
  • Not what anybody else for that matter says

It’s all about You and Your Vision for Your Life and Just watch, When You Have Made Success, All Those People Will Talk.

In Conclusion

“As humans we hunger for a vision. If we are unable to create a compelling vision for ourselves, we will latch on to someone else’s vision. With no vision for our future, ours or someone else’s, we extinguish our powerful internal fire.

The Good News? You can re-ignite it at ANY time.” Ray Higdon

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