How To Create A Vision Board

How To Create A Vision For Home Business Success

Negativity is the killer of dreams. Our minds have been naturally designed to identify what we don’t want as opposed to what we want.

If you asked 10 people the simple question – ‘How are you?’ 9 out of 10 will respond with the answer ‘NOT BAD AT ALL’. You see, instead of just saying ‘I am FINE’, which is the positive, they say ‘NOT BAD’. The negative always coming first and that is the situation with every other area of life.

What does that mean? That means, we have to Consciously transform our minds to think positively.

How do you do that?

Set yourself up for a daily practice, where by you Fill Your Mind With Images Of What You Want In Your Life. That is very powerful.

vision board

In this post I am going to teach you How to Create A Vision and how it can help you not just in your business but in your life as a whole.

Steps To Create A Vision

  1. Create DESIRES but Not NEEDS

Needs are associated with Desperation. I am going to tell you a story of how this worked for me.

I live in the United Kingdom and I just came across a summit for home business owners called The No Excuses Summit – where the greatest marketing minds will be training all levels of marketers from beginners to advance, and this summit is in San Diego, California, United States. I only came across this training in March, a month and a half before the due date. You know what that means, you have to buy tickets, flights, accommodation, you name it. Given the time frame, it was almost impossible for me to attend this summit. I talked to my coach and he said  Judith Talk It Into Your Life and You May Just Be Surprised ( Coach Ivan Thank You), so following what I had learned on filling my mind with images of what I want, everyday, first thing in the morning, when I said my prayers, I also said, God I thank You For Journey Mercies To The United States For the No Excuses Summit. I did that everyday for the remaining half of the month. At the end of the month, my husband told me he was booking flights for a family holiday to the United States around the time of the summit. Hurray. That meant I could attend the summit because I just told him about the summit and we made arrangements to accommodate the summit days. And Viola – I am going to be attending the No Excuses Summit 7 in May 2016. The flights are all booked, accommodation booked and I am excitedly looking forward to it. Great, that is just one really recent example.

I didn’t say, God, I really need to attend this summit, all I said was, it would be great to attend this summit and I left it at that.


Vision Board

It is like you are placing an order with God, with the universe, with what ever you believe in. Think about it, when you place an order with a shop or for anything you want, do you call a few minutes after to say, hey, where is that order, I haven’t received it yet? No ofcourse, you are patient and you wait for the order to be delivered at the right time.

The Key is – You Place An Order With The Expectation That You Are Going To Receive It. 

      2) You Don’t Need To Be Addicted To Your Exact Version Of What It Is That You Want!

What does that mean? Always ask for something better than what you desire. Don’t narrow your thinking and ask for the exact thing that you desire. Ask for something better than what you desire and you may just be shocked at what can happen.

      3)    Focus Not Just On The Words In Your Head But The Feeling Of Haven Already Achieved Your Desire.

Example, if there is a competition in your company and the price is winning a fully paid packaged holiday, don’t just focus on the words of saying, I want the holiday. Also, see yourself already on that holiday. See yourself, sitting in the plane, see yourself enjoying the holiday in that destination.Focus on the feeling of haven already won the holiday. What does the sun feel like when you are get to your destination? How does the food feel like, what are the looks on the faces of the people who doubted you and thought you couldn’t win? How does it make you feel? Do you feel good? If it would make you smile and call yourself a winner, feel that.

Key point: Focus On The Feeling Of Haven Already Achieved Your Goal.

So How Does All This Help In Your Business?

Keep Doing The Activities / Actions That You Know Will Build Your Business and every now and then, stop, and Feel the Success, the future roses as if they are in your hand right now. Stop and what ever you will feel inside if it is already accomplished. Feel That.

Rather than going about, complaining, gossiping, being bitter and being negative,focusing on what you don’t have, focus that energy on want you want and the positives that go with it and most importantly, see yourself already achieving those things.

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