How To Build A WordPress Blog In 10 Mins (Even If You Don’t Have a “Nerdy” Bone in Your Body

Great to meet you. I am Judith Moor and If this is the first time our paths are crossing, I appreciate your being here and I am pleased to meet you. You can learn more about me here on my blog but Today is all about You and I am super pumped to help you get your blog up and running fast.

If you already have a blog and for some reason you are here – especially maybe because your blog is not doing what you want it to do, check out this 3 step video guide on branding or attend a webinar on branding and blogging here.

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If you want to succeed in making any type of income in life apart from your job, you have got to love marketing, and the good news is that, it is a learnable skill and there are so many ways of marketing, and blogging is one of them with very high potential. If you have a product, a service or an opportunity that you want to get in front of more people, Blogging is one of the best, most effective ways to do this. I believe you already know this and that is why you are here.

Before we go into the process of building your blog, I want to share with you some of the things I have learned from my blogging coaches on what You Should and Should Not do when starting your blog so that you get off to a good footing from the very start.

What You Should Not Do

  • Don’t Use A Free Blogging Platform Or Blogger (Why Not, Why Shouldn’t I save Some Money?)

Blogging is a long term strategy for growth, branding and building a community. It would be a nightmare, if after years and years of hard work creating content on your blog, you wake up one morning to realise that your Free blogging site went bust or got shot down. Imagine it, your whole blog and brand gone – all the years of hard work and sweat washed down the drain.

So what am I saying? You want to always, always, always and always – I wish I had a way of emphasising this more . You Always Want To Have Your Blog Build On A Self Hosted WordPress Site. 

It will cost you a small amount of hosting, $5 – $8 a month or even less some times but you Own your site.

You will find video instructions  below that show you how to set this up.

  • If You Must Hire Somebody To Build Your Site, It Should Be Somebody Who Understands Marketing

As you can see in the title of this post, it takes 10 minutes to set up a site. That is because with technology today, you don’t need to be techie or understand code to set up a site. Anybody can do it. But what makes the difference?

First things first, you need to ask yourself the Objective of Your Blog. What Is Your Goal?

What is The Main Goal of Your Blog? 

If you want your blog as a Branding Platform, A Source of an additional income stream, One that will generate leads and sales so that you are able to make that well deserved additional income, then you will want to either design it yourself (with help ofcourse), or hire someone who understands marketing and conversions to design it for you. There are many blogs that look really good out there but they are not generating any leads and they are not making any sales. Maybe their objective is not to make money but if yours is to make money, then you now know what to do.

How To Set Up A Blog In 10 Mins Tutorials – Video Tutorials

It is very easy to set up your first word press hosted blog so that you can start blogging and sending your message out to the world and getting the world to know you.

Step 1:     Set Up Your Hosting

The hosting platform that I recommend for your hosting is Blue Host. The Site that you are on right now is hosted by Bluehost. I love them because they have great customer service, 24 hours support (chat, call, email, you name it) and they are relatively not expensive for your first blog. The quick video below is going to show you a brief snapshot of how easy it is to set up your hosting with blue host.

Step 2:     Install Your WordPress

Here Are The Tools You Will Need To Start Your Profit Producing Blog

Hosting (as low as $3.95/month)

Bluehost is what I use and recommend because their customer service is awesome, they have great rates and great servers. They also provide you with a free domain registration on initial registration if you don’t already have a domain.

Set Up Your Hosting with Bluehost Here

I get a small commission from Bluehost if you set up your hosting through my link, but you will also get a discount and I just showed you how easy it is to set it all up in the video above, and to encourage you to go ahead and set up your hosting, so I hope you see the value in supporting each other 

With Bluehost you pay 12 months, 24 months or 36 months up front. However, if you are on a low budget for the time being and cannot pay for your Blue Host hosting upfront, you can use HostGator – another excellent hosting provider with similar services like Blue host. They allow a monthly payment plan.

Setup Your Hosting with HostGator Here

A Domain Name (Free with Hosting Initial Set Up)

If you don’t yet have a domain name and you use the link above to set up your hosting, you will get a Free domain name registration with your Bluehost Hosting.

If on the other hand you already have a hosting and you want a domain registration, you can also do that but generally, I have learned that it is an expensive option. A resource that I like for domain registration is GoDaddy. The domains are reasonably priced and they also have a great customer service.

Tips On Picking A Domain Name

Many people don’t focus on themselves enough. If you want to Create A Personal Brand which is often recommended, pick your name as the domain name. My domain name is and I am working to brand myself so my domain name brands me perfectly. If your name is already taken by somebody else, try to choose something very close to your name – like in the video above, the dummy one I used for  illustration was So something similar will do.

You may also have a domain name which is not necessarily your name but which still brands you. In that case you will pick a name that reflects what you stand for and that people will be able to immediately associate with you when they see it.

If you are building a company blog, then ofcourse, the company name is what you want to use.

WordPress (Free Installation with Bluehost)

If you follow the steps in the video above, you will install your WordPress to your domain absolutely free of charge. A WordPress Blog platform is used by thousands of people.  So, get a WordPress Blog and You will never regret it.

A Blog theme that looks Awesome

Blog Themes are what make blogs stand out.The theme is what gives you the ability to design your blog. There are thousands of themes out there, but what I learned from the experts is, you really don’t want to get a Free Theme. For Free themes are prone to hackers and they are often not updated. So be weary of them.  Like I proposed in the video tutorial above, If You Want To Take Your Blog And Your Branding To The Next Level and Also Learn And Understand Marketing, Check Out Tanya Aliza’s Ultimate Branding Blueprint Course Here.It Walks You Through And Teaches You Pretty Much Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up A Full Money Making Blog.

If you understand themes and prefer to get your theme and install it yourself, I recommend the Optimise Press Theme. It is a very robust theme that provides you with additional marketing tools that other themes don’t provide.

If you want to understand the online marketing process better and feel like you need some one to hold your hand in your own time and walk you through setting up the theme and everything else, please check out Tanya’s The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Here

Email Marketing Software(low price $19/month)

Earlier on in this post, one of the objectives I mentioned was collecting leads from your blog. Lead generation is the most important aspect of every business. So if you want to collect leads from your blog, you will need an  email marketing software. There is no blogger who is making money from their blog without an email marketing tool. Not just bloggers, but even very large corporations, that is why even when you purchase online from a supermarket, you are asked to register your details and you receive offers from them. That is because they use some kind of email marketing tool that helps them stay in touch with their customers.

There are a lot of different services that you can choose from but I use Aweber and that is because:

  • it is simple to use, especially if you are a beginner (trust me I tried a few others).
  • they integrate with everything and
  • it is cost effective.

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Course shows you how to set this service up, how to create a web form and install it on your blog (to collect leads). You learn how to use the service like a pro.

On the other hand, because Aweber has a really great customer service, you can contact them and set it up yourself.

You can go here to Set Up Your Aweber and the Great News Is, You Will Get Your First Month Free.

Sending emails to subscribers is key to growing your business. Aweber helps you do that by helping you send thousands of emails at the push of a button.

This Is the Secret Weapon of Every Blogger. Automation is Key. Watch the short video below.

Using Your Blog To Write Blog Posts To Provide Content For The World

In Tanya Aliza’s Branding Blueprint, she talks about the strategy of your blog posts but because I am showing you how easy it is to get up and running with your blog, I would like to show you how you can get your posts out there while you set up what ever else you need, just to show you how easy it is to get your idea in a post and get it out. I show you in the quick video below.

Additional Blogging Tools – I love These and You May Be Interested In Them Too.

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

This is my secret go to tool. I must tell you that I absolutely love this tool because after looking at various different courses, this course stood out and delivered exactly what I expected and more. In fact, it over delivered and gave me the confidence to venture. I saw a different side of things through this course. Believe me, everything you need to know as a beginner marketer and more is in this course. I had zero knowledge, zero tech skills and had no clue where to start, but his course showed me how possible it is. I encourage you to go check it out. There are over 1500 people using this course already and their testimonials are also as brilliant as mine. You don’t want to be left out.

Thrive Leads

I wouldn’t be doing Thrive Leads any justice if I tried to explain what it does and how it can really help your business myself. Rather, I will show you a video from the experts themselves so that you can sit back, sip it in and enjoy.

Get Thrive Leads Here

 The Anatomy of A Perfect Blog Post

An absolute gold mine.  This gives you access to the Authority Blogging Checklist and all the juicy tips, techniques and strategies.It also teaches you other long term strategies on blogging.

Check Out The Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post Here


blogAfter learning about blogging and the potential it has, I have become very passionate about blogging and showing other people how to blog and create their own online real estate as well as create a blogging lifestyle.

I hope learning how to set up your blog and maximising the opportunities that come with it will help bring out your strength, improve your Life and Your Business.

I hope you enjoyed this training and I look forward to seeing your new blog

If you got value out of this training,  please share it with anybody you know who could benefit from this post too and show me some love and leave a comment below.

If there’s anything I can help you with please send me an email any time at Please reach out and connect and I will be happy to share what I have learned and how it is helping me.

I wish you the very best with your blogging.

See you soon.

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