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How To Brand Yourself As A Home Business Owner

In my last post, Branding Yourself For Home Business Success – A Beginner’s Steps, I introduced the concept of branding yourself to create your following by attracting the right people to you.

So How Do You Brand Yourself – What Steps Do You Need To Take?

If you are selling anything and you want people to be aware and know more about it, it is not by continuously shoving it in people’s faces that will make them buy, rather, it will annoy people and put people off because people like to buy but they don’t want to be sold to. What you want to focus on is Education. You want to identify a problem in the market place, educate people on the problem and the solution and then offer your product or services as a solution to that problem. It could be about gardening, weight loss or dog training – whatever it is that you are offering.

The Key Here is – Look at who you want to attract – provide value around what their needs are and then offer a solution to them.Focus on providng value

How do you come up with value?

Obviously, if you want to teach people about something, you need to know that thing yourself right? What does that mean? That means you have to constantly invest in yourself so that you can acquire the knowledge that you need to educate others. If you don’t invest in yourself, then ofcourse, you won’t be knowledgeable and that means you cannot teach because you won’t have what to teach on. That is why personal development is a very important aspect of being an entrepreneur. So You Invest in Yourself, You Learn and Then You Teach It. You invest your time and perhaps money in learning things around your profession and then you teach it via content on the internet through a blog post, a video or podcast. Posting using these different media will attract your market place to you. In that case, you would not be constantly hammering out your sales page or link to the company whose products or services you are associated with or even your own product.

Crucial Point:  Focus on value. This is covered in more detail in this free training 

When a lot of people learn that branding themselves is important and doing it through providing value is key, the question that comes up is – when do I now get to talk to people about my product or service? I asked that question my-self as sometimes, it can be confusing. The objective is to sell, so if I provide value, when do I get to selling? Great question.

Here is the answer to that. When you are selling something, remember that not everybody is your customer. This is the one concept that the majority of entrepreneurs get wrong and that is the reason why there is a lot of rejection. If you know who you want to attract – that is, your ideal customer – then you will serve them better as you will be providing a solution to their problem not hitting anyone and everyone. Remember that people buy what they need and want, so if you then put your sales page in front of somebody who doesn’t need what you are selling, how then are they going to buy? Think about yourself – when you need something what do you do? Don’t you go online to our famous Google and find who is providing what you want, and don’t you shop around to find who provides information on what you need and then you place your order? It is the same concept here. When you Focus on putting value into the marketplace, you attract the people who are interested in what you are offering to you, you then connect with those people. It could be through a phone call, a personal email or what ever method is feasible, but the one point is, you are connecting with somebody who has indicated an interest in your product or service. When you connect with them, find out how best you can serve them and also connect with them more to see how you can create more impact in their world.

Connecting with people and serving their needs is an ongoing process. It requires time, effort and patience. So is building a Brand and that is the process.

Do you want to start branding yourself – here is what you will need

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