Blogging As An Income Stream

Blogging As An Income Stream

The Home Business Industry is a very fast growing industry. If you are fun of travelling, you would notice at the airport walls, what global banking institution HSBC believes will be the future of selling.


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Today, I am going to discuss Blogging As An Income Stream – Launching Your Domestic Corporate Through Blogging

Any body can launch a blog, that is why there are many blogs out there. But don’t be intimidated by that fact. Many people start new blogs everyday  for different reasons. Some do just for fun. That doesn’t have to be you. In my post ‘How To Get Out of Debt Fast – Read It Here, one of the 5 steps I recommend to take to get out of debt fast is to find and earn additional cash to pay your bills and there I recommend 3 ways to earn extra income of which my favourite is Starting A Home Business.  So Here we go, Bloging as A Home Business Option.


If you asked yourself that question, I want to let you know that you are not alone. Many people don’t know what blogging is and up until when I was introduced to it myself, I didn’t know what blogging was.

A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first)” Source

Ray Higdon describes a Blog as ” Article Writing and Marketing” whose purpose is to provide value-based information to those searching the Internet for Information to help them solve a particular problem, or simply learn something new. Therefore, anybody with a business, online or offline, can use a blog to help promote their business. For example, if you are a gardener, it will be your chance to get many people on Internet Land (generally known as Traffic) to see what you are doing. This Age is Called Information Age. People are searching for Information Everyday. It is your chance to give them that information. When You give people the information they need on any topic of choice, they become more aware and that will increase your sales and bring you more business partners.

Why Blogging?

Different people have different reasons for blogging. Here are just a few:

1. For Fun

I know people who have been blogging for many years, long before I really understood what a blog was for fun. They just want a diary of the things they love in a bigger space, so they go to internet land which is broad and unlimited and they create some sort of a diary. Most of these people hardly give it a second thought.  They develop the skill of blogging and they use it for fun, just pouring out their passion.

2. Personal Development

If you want to grow in anything that you are learning very quickly, blogging is the way to do it. When you blog, you carry out research, you read books, you watch videos, you listen to audio books, on a particular subject matter or around a certain area because you need to have what to write on. This makes you grow very fast and develop very quickly.

Also, another very important aspect is that, you start getting interested in other people’s blogs as well, hence, you learn different things, and even if you only started your blog as a hobby, you soon learn that you can turn that hubby into money and it start getting exciting. Many people end up discovering that what they started as a job ends up being their source of livelihood. So even if you don’t think you have any reason to blog – you don’t have a business to promote, you definitely have a passion, start a blog as a diary for your passion and you would soon learn how you can use it to greatly improve your circumstances and you would be happy you started today.

3. To Become Part of A Community

Bloggers have a way of getting in touch with each other and helping each other out. Even if they don’t blog on the same issues, they just simply connect, and that is because, like anything else in life, they have something that connects them. Most especially people who blog on the same area have a lot more in common People discover that the best friends they eventually have in their lives are not the people they grew up with but the people they met along the way because they had something in common. It is very common in the home business industry to find people who eventually get married because they found each other through a passion they both share online. It could begin just with an email or a call to ask for clarification on a topic of interest.

4. To Help Other People

If you have ever been part of any social media community, you would know that people secretly follow others and look at what they do and what they are up to. You cannot under-estimate the how much you can help other people with what you do. You will never know who you motivated and whose problem you solved. With millions and millions of people on internet land, a blog has the potential to reach millions of people as people search the internet everyday looking for information and blogs have become the number 1 information source.So, if you have a passion that you belief has the potential to help others, put it out there even if it is just for that purpose. I believe you will have a big smile on your face if somebody sent you a message saying, thank you, the information you put out on your blog helped me. You never know, you could turn somebody’s life around completely.

5. For Presonal Branding and Marketing(Generating An Income)

This is my favourite reason because this is the reason that makes you the Extra Income Stream you need to pay off your bills.

Blogging Will Increase Your Credibility In The Market Place

It is interesting how this works, but immediately you have a Personally Branded Blog, people take you more seriously and trust you as a credible expert. That is what it all means by Branding Yourself. So Close your eyes and imagine – BRAND YOU.

When you can get your potential buyers to trust you, you can make sales a lot easier and that is the goal. Your blog is a faster way for you to build a relationship with your potential customers.

Have you ever seen Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant? If You have never read Rich Dad Poor Dad?


The right hand side of the quadrant shows Big Business Owners with other people working for them and Investors who have money working hard for them.

So looking at this quadrant, where do you think you will fall if you have a blog that is working money for you?Obviously You Will Be An Investor. So You See How You can move from the left side of the quadrant to the right side of the quadrant which is where we all want to be Some people want to be in the quadrant but they don’t want to work for it. Other people would like to be in that quadrant but they just don’t have the information. They are not informed. So Maybe you want to be in the right side of the quadrant. If you lacked the information, now you know and that is how you also can help somebody else achieve their goals in life through blogging while you achieve your goals as well.


You See, Owning A Blog Post / Article Out There On The Internet Is Like Owning A Piece Of Internet Real Estate. Once It Is Published, Unless You Decide To Take It Down It Won’t Go Away. So It Is An Investment. Because The Internet Has Millions And Millions Of People, You Never Know Who That Blog Post Or Article Will Help. Someone, Somewhere, Will Be Searching For That Information And They Will Find It On Your Blog.

To Conclude: What Is The Difference Between Your Internet Piece Of Real Estate and A Physical Real Estate? The Cost and The Worries. Your Internet Real Estate Investment Will Cost You Pennies To Build and Maintain As Opposed To A Physical Real Estate Business.

Just Get Started And A Year From Now, You Will Be Happy You Did.

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