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8 Personal Branding Tips For Profits in Your Home Business

I am still on my personal branding series as it is a very important part of running a successful home business.

Day 3 of my personal branding series. If you haven’t read the 1st and 2nd posts in my branding series, you will find them here:

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8 Personal Branding Tips For Profits in Your Home Business

These are tips I learned from branding experts  Tanya Aliza and Ray Higdon and they have worked brilliantly for me.

1:    Own Your Own Branding Infrastructure

There are many branding infrastructures out there on social media – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest,  Youtube etc, but look around you, any serious business owner out there has their own blog which is the greatest personal branding tool you can have as it is yours and you own it. These social media platforms are not owned by you and you can get shut down at any time, there are many popular home business owners out there who can tell you how their Facebook profile was shut down or their YouTube channel was shut down and it was devastating because they had put in a lot of hard work. So if you are serious about Success and making profits in your home business, you Should have your own blog.

2:    Brand Your own Name

Remember that you are your business. You are not some company out there, your business is You and You are creating BRAND YOU. Therefore your brand name should be Your Name – The name you are know by everybody. You are bigger, stronger and more secure than any company, product or service. Remember that we are in a world where Change is the only constant – things change everyday, but  YOU will not change. You will always be YOU, so personal branding is one of those things that you should do even if you haven’t found any success yet. Don’t be afraid that people will judge you, people will always judge you, it doesn’t matter what you do.

3:    Know Your Target Audience

This is a super important point and I really struggled with this one. The good news is, it is an ongoing process, so it shouldn’t hold you down from starting your branding process. When you start, you get clarity with time. Don’t say I can’t start because I am not super clear on my target market yet, the clarity will only come after you have started and can twig here and there. You will eventually get it but the main point here is the Awareness of the fact that you have to be very specific of who your target audience is. This is very important because you need to know who you are building your content for so that you know what type of content will attract them.

Your Slogan or Tag Line comes here as it specifically identifies who your target is. Your tag-line will grab the undivided attention of your target audience.

4:    Social Media Image Awareness

We are often ourselves on social media, and that is a really good thing as we have to be social and do what social media is there for, be social. But that is also the place that can make or break you. What ever content you put on social media, you need to think about it carefully. Will this content attract or turn off my ideal customer?

The advise here is not that you slow down because you want to get things perfect which will then lead to procrastination. NO. The idea here is just to have a thought on the quality of the content being put out. You can see I am not perfect myself, I try to make my content look attractive.

5:    Create and Associate Value To Your Brand

Like I asked in my first branding blog post – Who’s Social Media Profile Do You Look Forward To Every Morning And Why?

Personal Branding

When you think of the answer to this then you have nailed the understanding of this point.

You don’t need a beautiful site, or if you are good with video, you don’t need the most sophisticated video resources.

Start by using the basic resources you have and then grow from there. But starting and associating your home business brand to the creation of valuable content is paramount to success.

6:    Have Good Looking But Still Fun Pictures of You

Here, I am not asking you to go get a professional photographer to come shoot you the pictures that you use daily for your post. No, I don’t do that either and I don’t believe the other experts on branding do that either. Yes, you could have a few professionally taken photographs, but our phones are doing a good job these days. Get a friend, your spouse or even your kid to take some good photos of you and you are good to go. Your images will catch people’s attention and people love to see that.

7:    Be Consistent

Building a brand takes time and effort. So your brand is not going to be build overnight but if your actions are consistent, it will be build faster. The more people see you, the more they will be aware of your brand and that is how your brand will grow faster. Send your post out to the different social media platforms so people can see you all the time.

8:    Think Long Term

Remember that branding takes time and effort, so if you are going to build a successful brand, then you need to think long term – You Need To Have A Long Term Vision. Brands are not build overnight, so if you think you will wait up one morning and just have a brand, then you are joking. Successful Entrepreneur decide from day one to make it happen no matter what obstacles that come their way. Time will not break them down and if you want to succeed with your own brand, then you need to think like these entrepreneurs and work on your brand over time to make it happen.

How else to conclude a branding series than this really cool info graphic that virtually summaries everything branding in a nice way by Feldman Creative and adapted by Ray Higdon. I couldn’t help including  it in this post. Here we go. Enjoy

personal branding

Thank You Feldman Creative and Ray Higdon for sharing.

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