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14 Foundation to Success Quotes by Jim Rohn

Success quotes are one of my favourite things, as they really inspire me. They are just a few words which pass on a tone of messages. You have got to love them, especially if you are somebody who loves growth and is working hard on any venture. They are particularly a must for the entrepreneur and those in the home business industry in particular.

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1:    “For Things To Change, You Have To Change”

2.    “You Don’t Chase Success, What You Chase Elutes You”

3:    “Success Is Something You Attract By The Person You Become”

4:    “Success Is The Steady Progress In Reaching Your Own Goals – You have to design your goals and life and make steady progress to get there.”

5:    “Your Outer World Is A Reflection Of Your Inner World”

6:    “Results Is The Name Of The Game. Don’t Learn For Learning Sake”

7:    “Wisdom And Faith(Believing) Deposited Into Activity Produces a Miracle Called Results”

8:    “The Problem Is Not Lack Of Information, It Is Putting The Information To Practice. E.g An Apple A Day Keeps You From The Doctor – Simple To Do, Simple Not To Do.”

9:    “Where Will You Start To Change Your Life? Anything That Is Easy To Do Is Also Easy Not To Do”

10:   “Self- Protection Leads To Midiocrity. Self-Service Leads to Fortune. Self-Investment Leads to Fortune.”

11:   “There Are Only About A Half Dozen Things That Make 80% Of The Difference In Any Area Of Our Lives”

12:   “Activity Finishes The Miracle Process of Turning Nothing Into Something (The Bible Creation Story – Six Days Of Activity, 1 Day of Rest).”

13:  “Don’t Wish It Were Easier, Wish You Were Better”

14:  “Life Doesn’t Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better Change. You Must Have An Overwhelming Desire To Achieve That Which You Wish.”

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